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Aid to Georgia

Changing Lives  

Welcome to A2G - Aid to Georgia.

This charity has been specifically established to help two projects in Georgia. First of all we have Rustavi Day Care and Training Centre for the Disabled, which was established in the 1990's (after the democratic revolution to break away from Russia) to provide an environment in which disabled children and young adults can receive professional care and learn new skills, which regular schooling is unable to provide.

As of June 2010 the Centre looks after 100 physically and mentally disabled individuals ranging in age from 2 to 27. However, very limited funding means that only the absolute necessities to keep the Centre open can be carried out, which is where Aid to Georgia is hoping to make a difference.

Our second project is Hospital No. 2, a specialist Urology and Paediatric Hospital located centrally in Rustavi. Despite being able to cater for up to 200 patients when the city was still part of the Soviet Union, in recent years the hospital has fallen into such disrepair to the extent that it now receives no funding from the Georgian Government and only has 15 usable patient rooms. A new hospital on the other side of the city has since been built, but No. 2 still services a large area of the population and is in dire need of updating what little equipment they currently have. Again, with our help, we hope to be able to make a difference.

Please take a moment to visit our Photos page, where you will be able to see a small selection of photographs of the two projects.


Please check back to the website regularly - this site has been put together to give us an initial web presence, but updates and upgrades to the format will be ongoing. Thank You.